As we’re cleaning our homes this month and doing a little bit everyday, you’ll notice that not EVERYTHING will be clean when we complete this challenge. Life creates big and little messes – starting a routine helps to put things on a rotation which in turn gets things done and keeps our homes a little more tidy. If you don’t want to try to remember when you cleaned certain areas of your home, how about putting it down on paper and putting that paper in a homekeeping binder? Organizing what needs to be cleaned and when it needs to be cleaned it half the battle. Pick a time to work through your rotating cleaning lists and you’re cleaning will be on auto-pilot in no time!
Today, I have four free printable lists just for you – bathooms, kitchen, main living areas, and bedrooms. They coordinate with my Cleaning Kits (aqua + lime and brights) in my shop for those of you who have already purchased these or are interested!
Follow the links below to the 4 different printable cleaning schedules:
Happy Cleaning!