Here’s my method for deep cleaning stairs – just in case you are looking for a good method to deep clean your stairs. It’s a bit labor intensive, but helpful for getting your stairs in tip-top shape a few times a year.
Tools necessary:
vacuum cleaner and attachments
microfiber cloth
wood cleaning solution
Step 1: Use the crevice tool attached to the hose to get in the crease of the carpet
Step 2: Use the power brush tool (if you have one) to clean all carpeted surfaces – this works really well on the edges of the carpet where it meets the wood
Step 3: Vacuum flat surfaces with the vacuum
Step 4: Using a microfiber cloth and choice of wood cleaner or polish
(Mrs. Jones’ SoapboxShine is what I use)
 wipe down the handrails first and then any other wood surfaces


Four Steps to Deep-Cleaned Steps
Do you have any tips and tricks for cleaning steps?