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If you’ve been reading here for any length of time, you know that I love making my own cleaners and coming up with natural ways to clean just about everything. It occurred to me that I haven’t shared on the blog one of my favorite ways to disinfect the gross stuff around the house (I have some hydrogen peroxide tips in my book, The Organically Clean Home).

Use a Sprayer and the Hydrogen Peroxide Bottle - Clean Mama

Hydrogen Peroxide

What is it?  Its chemical compound is H2O2 – water and oxygen. It’s a colorless and odorless liquid (it looks like water) with non-toxic whitening (bleaching) properties. These same properties are also EXCELLENT at killing germs. It’s typically sold at a 3-6 percent dilution.

How can it be used?  Because of its non-toxic-ness it can be used to disinfect toothbrushes, clean wounds, lighten hair, and CLEAN!

Where can it be used to clean? Bathrooms and kitchens and laundry rooms – it’s especially good for disinfecting, mold removal, and stains on white clothing.

Are there any precautions? Hydrogen Peroxide is unstable when it comes in contact with light so you need to keep it in the original brown bottle. If it comes in contact with colored clothing, carpet, towels, etc. it will bleach the fibers. It also has an acidity of 3.5 and a pH of 4.5 so DO NOT use it on stone (granite, marble, etc.) as it will etch the surface over time.

Where can I find it?  Target, Wal*Mart, any pharmacy and Amazon.

How can I use it?  Use straight out of the bottle if you’re pre-treating a stain (on white clothing). Mix up with a little baking soda for a cleaning paste, scrub and rinse clean. This works great for icky grout. My favorite method? Simply put a sprayer on the bottle, spray on a surface that needs disinfection, let it sit and then rinse clean. If you want to give germs the one-two punch, you can spray a surface with hydrogen peroxide and follow with white vinegar. Let it sit and rinse clean. This is a very potent combination and the two ingredients should NEVER be combined in a container, always keep them separate. (Personally, I am fine with just the hydrogen peroxide and I don’t spray one after the other.)

Spray on Cutting Boards - Clean Mama

Spray on cutting boards – I only do this if I’ve cut up raw poultry or meat – and run through the dishwasher or hand wash.

Spray in Kitchen Sink to Disinfect - Clean Mama

Spray in the kitchen sink to disinfect – let it sit and rinse clean. I always spray quite a bit in the drain part to disinfect the drain and garbage disposal area.

Spray Bathroom Sinks - Clean Mama

Use it in the bathroom to disinfect toilets and sinks. Spray liberally, let it sit for 10 minutes or so and wipe clean.

If you’re using a cloth to wipe surfaces down after spraying with hydrogen peroxide, make sure that it’s white so you aren’t bleaching out any colored cloths. The Clean Mama Home white bar mops work great!

white bar mop towels - cmh