There are times when you want a disinfecting spray – after illness, bathroom cleaning, and kitchen cleaning. This is a stronger version of the All-Purpose Spray and All-Purpose Disinfecting Spray that I have been sharing for years. This safe and natural disinfecting spray can be used with confidence and wherever you are needing to disinfect. There is a little vinegar in it – take care to not use it on stone surfaces as it can etch the stone over time. I have an awesome DIY Stone Spray recipe for you to use on those stone surfaces. See all my DIY recipes here.

Glass Spray Bottle / DIY Cleaning Recipe Labels / Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

If you’re new to DIY cleaning recipes, you’ll love this easy to make cleaner. It’s so simple and a great disinfecting recipe.

Glass Spray Bottle / DIY Cleaning Recipe Labels / Premium Cleaning Cloths / Essential Oil


This DIY All-Purpose Disinfecting Spray is easy to mix up with ingredients you might have on hand and it’s an effective cleaner. It’s perfect for disinfecting most surfaces (except stone) and so easy to mix up.


Mix and store in a spray bottle. Shake before using. Can be used in bathrooms, counters, sinks, and most surfaces. Don’t use on stone. This DIY recipe will last for up to a month.