I’ve had so many requests for budget envelope inserts and I finally added them to the shop. They are included in The Simplified Life Budget + Bill Pay Kit  but you can also purchase them separately as well. In case you’re curious, here’s how they work. (This is not a new concept, I’m not sure who came up with the envelope system, but Dave Ramsey (I’m a huge fan) made it famous!)

Print out the sheets – there are 9 sheets included in the kit, but there are 3 inserts per page which totals up to 27 insert possibilities – you can mix and match and write in your own categories if you’d like.

The Simplified Life Budget + Bill Pay Kit 3


Budget Envelopes via Clean Mama

Plain old white envelopes work fine, but if you are looking for something more functional and absolutely adorable, check out the shop A Time for Everything.

Budget Envelopes via Clean Mama2

Fill them in like this – easy, peasy!

Envelope System, Simplified - via Clean Mama

You can find the Budget Envelope Inserts in the shop here.

If you are interested in the whole Simplified Life Budget + Bill Pay Kit go to this post.

The Simplified Life Kit - Money gets complicated - let's simplify it! via Clean Mama

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