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I was looking for a little revamp in the organization of my DIY cleaners ingredient storage and came up with something that I thought you might like too. I’m doing a little organizing before officially starting my spring cleaning (get your Come Spring Clean Challenge checklist here). You’ll notice that the first item on the checklist is to clean up/declutter cleaning supply storage. I’ve re-organized my cleaning closet (it’ll be on the blog soon) but a fun mini-projects was to transfer cleaning powders into large canning jars. Doing this freed up space and made the ingredients more easily accessible for me. Each of the boxes and bags were half-empty and taking up a lot of space, so it was the perfect time for this project.

Labels on Mason Jars - Clean Mama

Here’s what you need:

  • jars – I used 1 quart Ball canning jars in aqua
  • labels – I used chalkboard labels and a chalkboard marker and trimmed them to fit
  • dry ingredients – I use these regularly – baking soda, epsom salt, washing soda, Borax
  • funnel (not necessary, but might be helpful)

This is such a simple and fun little project – it doesn’t really need instructions, but here’s what I did:

Transfer Ingredients into Jars - Clean Mama

Make sure the containers are clean and dry. Transfer powder into container.

Label Supplies - Clean Mama

Cut chalkboard label to fit lid and label with a chalkboard marker. You could also use a hang tag, washi tape, or a label maker.

DIY Ingredient Storage - Clean Mama

Put in a safe place, out of reach of children and pets.

DIY Cleaners Ingredient Storage in basket - Clean Mama