January 5, 2017

DIY Cleaners to the Rescue

One walk down the aisles at your local grocery or big box store and you will see a huge variety of cleaners promising different things. A quick peek at the ingredient list and you will likely see numerous unpronounceable chemicals, artificial additives and scents or even toxicity warnings.

If you haven’t dipped your toes in to the world of DIY cleaners, today may just be the day. You will find cleaners with minimal ingredients that you can actually pronouce and may just already have in your home. Only essential oils are used to scent and you can easily customize with your favorite oils or combinations. The bonus? They are literally pennies to make an entire bottle.

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Try one (or all!) of these DIY cleaners and let me know what you think. Happy cleaning!

Nightly Sink Scrub

I love to sprinkle this Nightly Sink Scrub in the sink and give a quick scrub at the end of the day to polish and clean.

Marble and Granite Cleaning Spray

This Marble and Granite Cleaning Spray beats any of the commercial cleaners I have tried. Bonus: it is incredibly inexpensive!

Soft Cleaning Paste

This Soft Cleaning Paste is ideal for bathrooms, tubs, tile and faucets and anywhere soap scum, water spots and grime reside.

All-Purpose Spray

Everyone needs an All-Purpose Spray for general cleaning and this one is it for me. I love that it is kid-safe so that little ones can help alongside me.

Glass and Mirror Spray

If you are new to the word of DIY cleaners, my Glass and Mirror Spray may just convert you for life. It works amazingly well and leaves behind no streaks or smears. It is perfect for windows too.

DIY Cleaners Ingredient Storage

I use this simple storage solution to keep all my ingredients for cleaners close at hand, uniform, and ready to use.

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