If you’ve been around here for a bit you know that I love DIY’ing cleaning products. I’ve been sharing my recipes and methods for as long as I’ve been on the web – since 2009!  If you’ve been on the DIY cleaning recipe train with me, you’ll be excited for this sale. If you haven’t dabbled in it yet, this is a great time to start, with 20% off all DIY Cleaning Products in the shop.

Use the coupon code: DIY for 20% off all DIY cleaning products in the shop: this includes glass spray bottles, mason jars, DIY Cleaning Recipe Labels (already marked down!), Spray Bottle Bands, the DIY Cleaning Recipe Pocket Notebook, essential oils, and more!

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Most people shy away from making their own cleaner because it feels complicated. Yet, making your own cleaning products is super simple! 

Use my fool-proof glass cleaner bottles with the recipes printed right on the outside, DIY labels, spray bottle bands, and the new DIY Recipe Pocket Notebook to make DIY’ing easy!

Cleaning supply companies don’t want you to know for a truly effective clean you only need a few ingredients! The best part: you probably already have the ingredients on hand. Ditch the expensive cleaning supplies for good and make your own effective cleaners in minutes!

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