I’m always looking for ways to make things smell better NATURALLY. This is a simple and fun project that takes a couple minutes to pull together and about a month to dry out – but I have a way to speed it up – keep reading!  Once it’s dehydrated or dried out, it has all sorts of uses for natural freshening.

You can pour it in a small bowl to freshen a room, put in a sachet for drawers and closets, add to baking soda for a sink scrub or add to water and simmer on the stove. Add a label and ribbon for a gift!

This is my Nightly Sink Scrub with lemon, orange, clove, and cinnamon DIY Mason Jar Potpourri. I put a strainer top on the lid (see it in the upper corner) to sift out just the baking soda when sprinkling it in the sink.


  • mason jar with lid – this is a great time to upcycle a jam or pasta sauce jar
  • 1 ½ – 2 cups fresh flowers, citrus peels, fruit, herbs, and spices
  • Essential oil – add up to 3 drops of a scent to accentuate the natural fragrance once ingredients are completely dry and dehydrated

Combine desired flowers, citrus peels, herbs, and spices in a quart mason jar. Add the lid and shake every day or two until the potpourri is dried – this takes about a month. 

QUICK TIP: If you want to speed up the process, you can dehydrate the citrus in the oven. Slice thinly and put on a lined baking sheet at 200 degrees for 2-3 hours. Keep an eye on it and flip slices after about an hour. Once it has completely dried out, turn off the oven and let the citrus sit until cool.

What can you use for a DIY Mason Jar Potpourri?  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Lemon or orange peels – use peels if you’re drying over a month and slices if you’re dehydrating in the oven
  • Lemon or orange slices – dehydrate in the oven
  • Pine needles
  • Vanilla bean – cut in 1-2 inch pieces
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Lemon slices
  • Orange slices
  • Clove buds
  • Rose petals
  • Lavender buds
  • Eucalyptus leaves
  • Rosemary leaves
  • Mint leaves

This is a simple and fun project, perfect for this time of year, but you can do this year ‘round. Do you think you’ll try it?

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