A question I receive often is how I clean our wood kitchen table. I love having a wood table, it shows wear but has a ‘seasoned’ look and I love it. With three kids, three plus meals a day, homework, art projects, games, and all sorts of activities playing out at this table. It’s important to be able to keep it clean and in the best possible condition. I mix up a simple soap mixture with water – spray and wipe clean after meals and activities.

pictured: Cozy Home Blend Essential Oil | Premium Cleaning Cloths in Sparkle Print | Natural Dish Soap |  Spray Bottle BandsGlass Spray Bottle

This is a super simple recipe, no rinsing is needed, play around with the soap to water ratio and find what works for you! The essential oil is optional, but adds a nice scent to the kitchen after cleaning.

DIY Wood Kitchen Table Spray
2 cups filtered water
1-2 teaspoons castile or dish soap
3-5 drops essential oil – I love the Cozy Home Blend (lemon + clove) for this recipe

Mix, shake, spray, wipe and repeat throughout the day as needed.

We have this table and chair set from Crate & Barrel – we’ve had it for over ten years and love it for it’s farmhouse-y feel and durability. I use this beeswax polish to protect/condition it as needed.

Do you have a wood kitchen table? Let me know if you try this oh-so-simple solution!