I have always wanted to try to can peaches to have that taste of late summer in February. I did a little research, decided on a method and went out to my local farmer’s market. A little tip: ask for soft peaches – not moldy, just ready to use the day you buy them. A farmer will generally give you a discount – I got this whole plastic grocery bag of Michigan Red Havens for 50 cents – can you believe that? 
This was easy, fun and hopefully tasty. Want to try it? You’ll need canning gear, jars,  lots of peaches – I had about 24, 2 lemons, sugar and water. Here’s the recipe that I used – I made a couple changes – I used lemon juice instead of vinegar to prevent browning, I used less peaches, cut them in slices, and I made a medium sugar syrup.
I started by peeling, pitting and slicing the peaches – I squeezed a little bit of lemon juice on the peaches after I sliced them and then I packed them into the jars.
Pour the sugar syrup over the peaches and place in canner and process according to recipe.
Guess where I’ll be next weekend? At the Farmer’s Market getting more PEACHES!