School lunch is a new adventure for us this year. Most importantly I want to provide a nutritious and balanced lunch for my little lunch-goer, but I also want to have a system in place so it’s quick and easy to get lunch ready in a snap. So what’s my system? I’m not sure – but I have a few ideas that I’ll try for a couple weeks and tweak as we go. To start, I’m thinking muffins or sandwiches, fruit and veggies, protein (yogurt or cheese), and water or milk. Keeping a simple plan will be easier for us – some days I might add some fun and pretty lunch tricks to my repertoire. I’ll be on the lookout for a couple small bins or containers to keep lunch stuff in the refrigerator and pantry just to keep everything ‘contained’ and easy to access. (Want to see how this done! project started and get a free checklist?  Go here!)
Here are some pretty lunches for inspiration:
Rubbermaid provided me with this Lunch Blox Sandwich kit – I’m excited to use this for keeping cold food cold in my little’s lunch box. It is sturdy, perfectly lunch sized and the ice block fits with the containers to ensure that the food stays cold.
(I was provided this kit for review – I love the kit and chose to talk about it here.)
Need a place to keep keep school lunch ideas? Amy at New Nostalgia had a great idea for a Weekly Lunch Plan – I created it for her to share at her blog and I thought you might like it too!