This all started with trying to “reduce” my paper towel usage – documented as a problem here . Then when I realized that I had to actually get rid of the paper towels in my house to eliminate using them, that’s when I was able to kick the habit. I have successfully been paper towel free for months – and I love it!
Then I got to thinking that I’m saving so much money by not buying paper towels, could I eliminate paper napkins in the kitchen? Through many blog recommendations, I found the super popular Etsy shop Love For Earth. She sells cloth napkins made from super soft birdseye cotton – I bought my first pack of the lunch napkins (24) and was so in love. After realizing that we needed more for laundering purposes I ordered 12 more. We all love using cloth napkins – they feel so nice on your face and hands. This is how I keep these napkins on our kitchen table – folded and ready for use just like paper ones.
I also added a container of baby washcloths (on clearance for $1.48 for 6 ) at my favorite big box store) to my kids’ cutlery drawer for washing hands and faces after meals instead of using baby wipes. I keep the used napkins and washcloths in a plastic bag in the kitchen, but my next project is to sew cute mesh bags to store them in until I have a load to wash.
I know by using rags for paper towels, cloth napkins instead of paper and washcloths instead of wipes or paper towels, not only am I “saving a tree”, but I am saving at least $20 month in paper products. I am really happy to have figured out a system for getting rid of paper products in the kitchen and to check another item off my DONE! list.