Thanks for participating in the DONE! “event” for the month of August. It was great to get some of those nagging little items checked off my list. Hopefully you were motivated to check a couple things off your list too. If you didn’t get in on the August DONE! action, you can still download a checklist and work through your list at your own pace.

Here’s a re-cap of what I accomplished and didn’t get done. I am looking for a good deal on glass canisters, so that one is dependent on a good deal. I started the kids’ clothes and storage container spaces, but I just plain didn’t get around to finishing  and I’m okay with that. I’ll just start another DONE! list for September and plug along through it.
pack away kids’ clothes
find glass canisters for kitchen – still looking for something cheap
organize storage container spaces
*Let me know in the comments how you did for the month – want to do something like this again?*
Don’t forget to come back tomorrow – I’m started a Meal Planning Event for the month of September!