I keep magazines in a cute Van Gogh tote so they are handy to whisk out the door for an appointment, kid class, or long ride in the car. I love magazines – flipping through the pages is sort of therapeutic and relaxing for me. I subscribe to a couple decorating magazines and cooking magazines and clip out good recipes, decorating ideas, or fun pictures for the kids to use for collages. My stash was a little out of control, so I carved out a little quiet time to go through the magazines and catalogs and look for ideas. 

This is my after picture – I didn’t get through all of my the magazines, I still have a few to peruse the next time I have a few minutes.
I added a couple magazines to the bedside table in the guest bedroom for our next houseguests, made a stack of magazines to pass on, a couple for the kids to cut up and the rest were recycled.

What’s your favorite magazine?