update: check out this post to see my updated recipe binders
If you haven’t seen this post on how I sort/organize/collect/gather recipes, you should go and take a peek. I’m getting ready to do another blog event for September (Meal Planning) and I needed to sort through some recipes to file, make some copies and clean out my binder a bit.
I like to check out cookbooks from the library and make copies of some recipes that look good or interesting.
I sorted through the recipes and put keepers in the binders and ones to try in the pockets of the binders. I tossed the recipes that don’t need to be repeated.
Any other recipe binder fans out there?
Anyone want to FINALLY get a meal planning system in place?
During the month of September it’s going to be Meal Planning Month at Clean Mama. I have a simple system in place that works so well for our family that I’m going to share it with you. Would  you like to get this meal thing under control  so you can sit down, relax and enjoy your            family time?