August 10, 2010

DONE! Watermelon Pickles

Have you ever tried Watermelon Pickles?

I know, watermelon and pickles should not be two words next to each other in a sentence, but they are so fun and different, and you’ll use almost all of your next watermelon. In our family, they’re an old-fashioned favorite, sweet and sour and a taste of summer preserved. My grandma made them and they always had a special spot on the relish tray between the pickle slices and black olives at any family gathering or holiday. Wanting to re-create the unique flavor and memory for my own family, I set out to learn how to make them myself. I scoured the Internet and my canning books for recipes that sounded like how I remembered them to taste and finally came upon this one from the Ball website. It’s very important that you use a recipe when canning – use the one that I used, or find one that suits your taste.

I gathered the simple ingredients and started cutting up watermelon rinds
Slices Of Watermelon

white vinegar, white sugar, pickling/canning salt, cinnamon sticks
cut off the green rind and use the white part of the watermelon with a touch of the pink 
soak the rind in a salt and water combination overnight – this starts the pickling process
drain and rinse in cold water
follow recipe and add ingredients – cook down according to recipe
transfer to canning jars and can using the boiling water method
watermelon. pickles.

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