Two years ago in August I had a big to do list (called a done! list) and needed to force myself to get it all completed. So I blogged about it and you guessed it, I got most of it done. The list was long and I had a lot more spare time that summer, but I think I’m up for a little list and I’d love it if you joined me. It’ll be simple – pick a few things that you need to hunker down and do (tiny, huge, small, big) – write them down and work your way through your list until it’s ‘done!’ . I’ll blog through the progress and mark a big checkmark next to each item on my list.
Here’s my done! list (in case you’re curious):
The done! list only has 10 spaces, but I know my limits and time and am wanting to really focus on these six to dos. Maybe you only have one thing that you want to get done this August or maybe you have 30 – the point is to write it down, tell someone you’re doing it and just get it over with.
Want to join me? Or just want the checklist? You can go here to grab it – let’s get some stuff done!
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