I’m so excited to FINALLY reveal an amazing Cyber Monday deal and an even better product. Check out Circle with Disney, the only gift I can basically guarantee won’t give you buyer’s remorse. Really! What sold me on Circle is how it helps us with time management – I absolutely love it!

Time management is a major issue for many people and families. We often feel as though we don’t have enough time in our day but quickly get sucked in to the rabbit hole of social media and the Internet. It can be a struggle for many adults and children both to use their time wisely and limit their screen time when there are so many distractions online.

That is where Circle has stepped in for me and my family. I love having a tool that keeps me and my family accountable as to how we spend our screen time as well as keep us safer with what is available online. It works hand in hand to provide a safe and manageable platform to limit where and how time is spent online.

Every family needs this in their home.

Don’t believe me? Watch this video clip and you’ll be sold too.

Best part…

It’s on sale today!

$85.00! (regularly $99)


Are you tired of letting the Internet dictate what your family is exposed to? Not Anymore! With Circle, you are the boss!

4 Awesome things you can EASILY do with Circle:

  1. Set appropriate filters for EACH DEVICE. Use the pre-designed ones or customize your own.
    iOS Screen 4

2. Track where your family is spending their time online.
iOS Screen 3

3. Give your devices a BED TIME!
iOS Screen 2

4. PAUSE the internet! Yes. you. can.
iOS Screen 1

If you are still not convinced, read what these Circle customers are saying about it:

“As the father of four kids from elementary through college age, I am not exaggerating when I say Circle is EXACTLY the device I have been looking for to control the internet in my house. Circle truly is peace of mind in a little white box.” – Wayne Stocks

“Circle has literally changed our lives and how our family spends time on the internet. My worries of what my children could be exposed to online has changed overnight by the use of Circle. I can pause the internet anytime making getting chores or homework done much easier these days.” -Terra Nyce

“Circle makes it easy for me to protect my kids online, monitor usage across all our home’s devices, and create conversations with the entire family. It’s rare that something is simple and effective, but Circle is both.” — Michael Lukaszewski

Get control of the Internet and give your family this gift.

If you choose to purchase the Circle through my affiliate link, I will receive a portion of the sale, but you will not pay any extra. This is a wonderful product that I am promoting because I know you’ll love it! You can see my full disclosure statement here.