Today is Earth Day so let’s celebrate with a little Clean Mama Home SALE, shall we? Glass and microfiber are two excellent ways to green your cleaning and homekeeping – keep reading to see how you can get both for FREE! Don’t miss the darling shop additions – an AQUA notebook and binder, a Bathroom Cleaning Kit, and a Mason Jar and Microfiber Cloth Kit – hooray!


I’ve searched high and low for a simple 3-ring binder and notebook and I’ve found the perfect combination – aren’t they darling?


Make cleaning the bathrooms a breeze with the BATHROOM CLEANING KIT – it almost makes me want to clean the toilets.


And because an aqua microfiber cloth rolled up in a mason jar is just so cute – I’ve combined the two in a little combo under $10 just for you – MASON Jar + MICROFIBER KIT.

If you haven’t tried MICROFIBER for cleaning, you need to and here’s why:

Clean Mama Home Microfiber Cloths

  • Microfiber can be washed in the washing machine and re-used at least 300+ times (whoa!).
  • Use them for cleaning and dusting – they can be used wet, dry, damp, and with your favorite cleaners. I consider microfiber to be a multi-purpose tool.
  • Microfiber is lint-free (ditch paper towels for the best clean).
  • Not all microfiber is created equal – Clean Mama Home microfiber is soft to touch (not scratchy), and not only does it help you clean effortlessly, but it looks good too!

How about GLASS spray bottles – what’s the big deal?

spray bottles with 3 labels - cmh

  • Glass spray bottles can be washed in the dishwasher (not the sprayer, but the bottle).
  • I sell a sturdy glass spray bottle – of course it will break if you drop it just like a drinking glass, but it’s a very thick glass that’s made to stand up to use and just about any liquid you put into it. For what it’s worth, I haven’t broken one and I’ve dropped them a time or two.
  • If you use essential oils in your cleaners and concoctions, it will leech through plastic but it’s much more stable in glass. Plastic spray bottles are fine, but you might find some with BPA or other chemicals in them that you’d most likely be wanting to avoid if you’re making you own cleaners. My spray bottles are lead free and the sprayers are BPA free – yay!
  • Doesn’t glass just look so pretty? I’m all about making cleaning cute!

Now that you want microfiber and glass spray bottles :), here’s how you can get them for FREE (no coupon necessary).

Earth Day Sale 1- Clean Mama Home

Spend $50 (before shipping) in Clean Mama Home and I’ll include a glass spray bottle ($7.99 value) for free! Spend $100 (before shipping) I’ll include a GLASS spray bottle AND a UTILITY microfiber cloth (aqua) for free (total for 2 items is a $12.98 value). If you’re an over-achiever, and you get up to $150 in your cart (before shipping) I’ll throw in a POLISHING microfiber cloth (gray) for free (total for 3 items is a $17.97 value). Please note that the free items will also ship for FREE 🙂

Simply go to Clean Mama Home, add what you’d like to your cart – make sure you get your cart before shipping to $50 or $100 or $150 to get your freebies! Happy Earth Day! Hurry, this sale is a quick one and will end on 4/23/2016 at 10 pm CST (NO EXCEPTIONS).