Every home has a place where stuff gets stashed, coats are dropped and supplies are hidden. This may be in several areas of your home or you may have a mud room as your go-to place for these items. Regardless, adding a little organization to the general area(s) is always helpful.

Our mud room has a closet with double doors – it’s not as functional as it might sound because there’s a dog kennel in front of one of the doors, but there’s a lot of room to store mud room-type stuff.

Here are a couple ideas for getting and keeping the stuff organized:

group like items together – in baskets, bins, boxes…
I put all the weird household stuff (legs for the washing machine, cabinet knobs, door stops, etc.) in Ziploc bags and then put all those bags in a bin labeled miscellaneous
Plastic shoe boxes are great for storing smaller items like batteries and electrical cords. I put the batteries in individual Ziploc bags by type/size inside the box for easy access

hang what you can off the floor to maximize your space

label, label, label
I printed my labels on cardstock, cut them out and laminated them

I attached them to my containers with stick-on velcro so I could move them around and change if needed.

overview of the mudroom closet
Do you have a mud room that needs some identification?
Go here to get some specific mud room labels like the ones that I used.
You can go here if you want some blank labels like these.