Bathroom questions?  I have answers!  I love figuring out the best way to tackle the most not fun areas to clean and you’ll find those answers below.  Happy bathroom cleaning!

Speed Clean Your Bathrooms – this is the method I use on Mondays to clean the bathrooms from top to bottom quickly (you’ll see the secret to getting this job done quickly is NOT washing the floors because I do them on Thursdays).

Toilet Brush Care 101 : End the Gross Out – Do toilet brushes gross you out?  Me too!  This post details how I deal with them.

3 Bathroom Cleaners to Stop Buying and Start Making – Want to save money and still have a clean bathroom minus the chemicals? This post has my recipes for window + mirror cleaner, disinfecting cleaner, and daily shower spray.

8 Simple DIY Bathroom Cleaners + FREE Printable  – Looking for even more DIY recipes for the bathroom? This post with free printable includes recipes for soap scum, mold + mildew, and rust and mineral deposits to name a few.

The Best Ways to Eliminate Residue, Stains, and Gunk in the Bathroom – Bathrooms can be a breeding ground for all the gunk – this post will show you how to get rid of that soap scum, stains, and other annoying residues that might be found.

The Best Way to Remove Toilet Bowl Rings – I love using a pumice stone for getting rid of those toilet bowl rings – this post shows you how I do it. It’s easier than you might think!

Toilet Care Game Changers – I have two little boys and I can promise you that I’ve tried everything to get rid of that smell and I have truly figured it out – this post goes into detail on how to really clean a toilet and get rid of ‘that’ smell.

How to Clean a Shower + Keep it that Way – You asked – how do I clean a shower, soap scum, glass showers, fiberglass/plastic – showers are tough. If it’s a shower that’s used regularly, it’s damp and has a fair amount of moisture that needs to fully dry on a daily basis. If it isn’t used on a daily or weekly basis it still needs a quick wipe down to keep it clean and dust-free. This post gives the run-down on what you need to know for that super clean shower you’re looking for.

How to Clean a Whirlpool Bathtub – They’re relaxing and lovely but they aren’t the easiest to clean mostly because they aren’t used regularly. Use my method to clean your whirlpool tub and you’ll be happy to take that bath.

I can’t really talk about cleaning bathrooms without discussing my favorite tool for cleaning bathrooms – microfiber! Go to this post for all you ever wanted to know about microfiber!

Have more bathroom cleaning questions or maybe you’ve found a solution that works – share it in the comments and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram too!