I think dusting is a task that you either love or hate. Regardless of your stance on dusting you’ll find that by dusting weekly you’ll be keeping the dust down in your home and your surfaces will look and feel clean.

Why do I dust on Tuesdays?

Dusting should always come before vacuuming because you are whipping up dust as you dust and you want to be able to vacuum the dust up. Don’t worry about vacuuming today (that’s tomorrow). Dust particles hold and carry bacteria, allergens, and germs – if you didn’t think that dusting was important, it is!

Concentrate on what you can do today – even if you have 10-15 minutes, do something!

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This week, try dusting with a barely damp microfiber cloth or just a dusting wand (see my favorites here). If you’re curious how I launder microfiber cleaning cloths, head to this post.

Work from top down and left to right and just do what you can! You’ll find that as you are dusting regularly it gets easier and quicker every week. I love these DIY Polishing Wipes for polishing surfaces and giving wood surfaces a little extra love.

DIY Citrus Wood Polishing Wipes Recipe

3 Tips to Keep Up with the Dust

  1. Dusting consistently is key to keeping up with the dusting. I find that weekly dusting works for this – if I see a little dust on a table during the week I either ignore it or do a quick wipe down.
  2. Keep less on the surfaces so it’s quick and easy to dust.
  3. Change air filters when it’s recommended for your home system.

Here’s what I want you to do today for dusting:

  • Dust all the flat surfaces, lifting up and removing items as you go. If you spot something that needs to be put elsewhere or tossed out, put it in a basket and deal with it later today.
  • Work quickly and eliminate distractions to complete this dusting adventure.
  • Once you’ve conquered one room, move to the next, and so on. Finish on the main level of your home with a top-to-bottom, left-to-right approach.

This is my favorite dusting wand – you can see it and my other favorite dusting products here.

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