Part of Homey Goodness for me is having a clean and tidy home. When the house is clean and tidy, homey goodness starts to settle in. The only way that I’ve been able to establish and maintain some level of clean and tidy through the whole week is by working through a cleaning plan for every day of the week.
If you haven’t started a cleaning plan or if you are struggling with how to start and keep a cleaning plan, I encourage you to try doing it the way that I do – it’s manageable and easy to catch up on if you get behind a day or two. Feel free to try it this way or take a few minutes to write down your daily cleaning tasks – the things that you already do or should do every day just to keep up with the daily stuff.
Here’s my every day cleaning list:

sweep floors
wipe counters (bathrooms and kitchen)
clutter (mail and paperwork, toys…)
laundry (I try to do one or two loads every day)

Once you’ve established a daily maintenance list,  look at everything that should get done through the week and attach them to days that make sense to you and how your schedule and home work. Here’s my schedule:

Monday – clean bathrooms

Tuesday – dust house

Wednesday – vacuum house

Thursday – wash floors

Friday – menu plan and grocery shop

Saturday – wash sheets and wash towels

Sunday – just the everyday cleaning list

Want to try this and add a little homey goodness to your cleaning plan? Make two lists – things that have to be done every day and things that have to be done once a week. Put the two together and you have a weekly to-do list. If you want to make it really easy, check out my CleanMamaPrintables Etsy shop – I have lists with these schedules *on sale* (Cleaning Kit, Busy Mama Homekeeping Kit and the Everything Kit) already to go – just order, print and start cleaning!