I have a few shop updates to share with you today – make sure you read the entire post – there’s an opportunity for *FREE* products for you in this post!
LOVE Clean Mama Printables? I’d LOVE for you to share your love and I’d like to give you something for it. If you mention Clean Mama Printables on your Facebook page, blog or Twitter,
I’ll give you $5 of free printables!
  So it’s sort of like a referral program – I’ll continue the program through November and it’s ONE printable per person. Sound good?
Here’s how:
1. Share your love for Clean Mama Printables via Facebook, Twitter, or your
blog – you MUST have a link to Clean Mama Printables Etsy shop in your post.
2. Email me at clean.mama@yahoo.com and share your link with me.
3. In your email, let me know what printable (up to $5 value) you’d like for FREE from the shop and yes, that includes all the EDITABLE documents!
4. I’ll send your printable your way!
Need a little clarification? Here’s an example:
Give yourself the gift of organization this Holiday Season – check out Clean Mama Printables!
Let me know if you have any questions!
And a couple new products in the shop…..
(Sewing Project Planner, Organizing Project Planner, Craft Project Planner, Big Project List)
Cross off, check off, keep your home clean!
Happy Tuesday everyone!