I added this little addition to the refrigerator a couple months ago and love how it saves a little space for raw meat and keeps the refrigerator shelf clean and tidy. In the past I’ve used a dinner plate and that works too, but once I added the baking sheet or tray, I found that it worked even better.

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I really like the size and shape of a quarter sheet baking tray. I can quickly wash it in the sink as needed and it keeps my refrigerator from any unwanted meat juices.

QUICK TIP: If you use an aluminum baking tray you’ll want to keep it out of the dishwasher – it will oxidize and have a different finish. Just hand wash with dish soap and hot water.

Here’s the quarter sheet baking tray that I purchased from Amazon. You might have one in your baking pans that you can repurpose – I use our regular quarter sheet pans so often that I couldn’t dedicate one to this purpose. I love the smaller size for reheating leftovers or just to be able to fit more in the oven at a time.

If you go to this post from earlier this year, see that I was using a regular quarter sheet pan for this purpose – I love having a dedicated tray in the refrigerator for meal prepping. Let me know if you give it a try!