This little hack is simple and maybe you’re already doing it, but if you aren’t it’ll take your ice dispensing to the next level for around $10. Why did I add an ice scoop to our ice dispenser? In our old refrigerator, we dispensed the ice from the door and from a container in the freezer. In our new refrigerator, we chose to go without the door dispenser for a simpler refrigerator appearance. That means that there is one ice dispenser and either hands or glasses were going into the ice daily. This was driving me nuts and I was afraid that a glass would be chipped in the ice and we wouldn’t know it or hands (maybe clean, maybe not) would be in the ice.

Here’s where a scoop comes in. I looked for a scoop with a handle that would be sturdy and dishwasher safe. This idea came from my restaurant days – there was always a scoop outside the ice maker and it went through the dishwasher at the end of the night.

I chose this dishwasher-safe stainless steel scoop. It holds 8 ounces which feels like just right amount of ice for a glass. One scoop and you’re done. If you choose an aluminum scoop, it will get black if you accidentally wash it in the dishwasher because it will oxidize with the heat and detergent, also leaving a dark gray powder on your hands. You could also use acrylic, but I find that to crack and deteriorate over time. Here’s a softer plastic one that would work too. You can see this scoop in my Amazon Favorites under Kitchen Favorites here.

We keep our scoop in the ice with the handle out to keep germs out of the ice. It’s washed in the dishwasher regularly and it’s just made our ice-retrieval that much easier.  Of course, feel free to keep your scoop out of the ice in a bowl or hanging from a hook in your freezer if you’d prefer. Not a big, life-changing tip, but an Everyday Tip that makes things run a little more smoothly.  I hope you try it!  Want to see the full kitchen tour complete with all the details on the refrigerator? Go here.

Sometimes a quick and simple tip that can make the mundane a little easier or make your life a little better makes a BIG difference. This is an ongoing series here on the blog where I share simple tips, finds, and suggestions to make life a little easier. I share these tips regularly on the blog and on Instagram– make sure you’re following along!  You can see all the Everyday Tips here.