Sometimes a quick and simple tip that can make the mundane a little easier or make your life a little better makes a BIG difference. I’m starting a new series here on the blog where I’ll be sharing simple tips, finds, and suggestions to make life a little easier. I’ll be sharing these tips regularly on the blog and on Instagram – make sure you’re following along!

Today’s tip something that will get your dishes cleaner and will help your dishwasher work a little better and it requires very little effort. Ready?

Before you run the dishwasher, run your faucet on HOT. Once the water is hot, start the dishwasher up. Make this a no-step little habit: after you’re done with any hand washing in the sink and you’ve scrubbed it, the water should be hot. Go ahead and start up the dishwasher.

NOTE: This will only work if your sink water line is connected to your dishwasher and if it’s connected to the hot water line rather than the cold water line.

Why is this a good tip? Your dishwasher will start right up with hot water, soap will dissolve more quickly, and your dishes will be cleaner. Try it!

A couple things that might make your dishwashing experience a little more enjoyable: