Sometimes a quick and simple tip that can make the mundane a little easier or make your life a little better makes a BIG difference. This is an ongoing series here on the blog where I share simple tips, finds, and suggestions to make life a little easier. I’ll be sharing these tips regularly on the blog and on Instagram– make sure you’re following along!  You can see all the Everyday Tips here.

I love a great product that solves a problem quickly and easily and and putting your batteries in a ‘battery box’ does just that. I purchased about 2 years ago and it has been the secret to our batteries staying where they’re supposed to be and knowing when we’re running low. If you’re sick of scattered batteries in a basket or bin or grabbing a sleeve of batteries to only find one left when you need four, might I suggest this little organizing tool.

I don’t have the box labeled – we can see what we have in the box and we’re all good with that. The batteries ‘live’ in our cleaning closet. Please note that the 9 volt batteries are still in their original packaging – never take them out until you need them because they can touch each other and spark a spontaneous fire. Here’s a link to the exact box I have pictured here but I am also going to link up a couple other options below if you’re looking for something smaller or larger.

mDesign box via Amazon