Sometimes a quick and simple tip that can make the mundane a little easier or make your life a little better makes a BIG difference. This is a new series here on the blog where I’ll be sharing simple tips, finds, and suggestions to make life a little easier. I’ll be sharing these tips regularly on the blog and on Instagram– make sure you’re following along!

Frustrated with storing your sheets? Fold them up as neatly as you can and store them in a pillowcase. Stack the sets on a shelf or in a basket for easy access. No more bundled up sheets and sets stay together. The best thing about this tip? It’s okay if your fitted sheets aren’t perfectly folded because they hide in the pillowcase.

Here’s how I fold fitted sheets:

  • pull the sheets out of the dryer
  • fold sheets in half the long way
  • tuck one fitted corner into the other – like a pocket
  • fold the sheet in half again with the fitted corners on the inside
  • fold the sheet in half, bringing the two corners together
  • fold in half again – it should be about 11”x14”, if not, fold it again
  • put the extra pillowcase in the sheets or on the top and slide into the pillowcase
  • place the sets on top of each other on a shelf or in a basket