Fall, with its special magic, is upon us. If this time of year brings its own unique blend of chaos for you, with back-to-school schedules and managing the everyday demands of life. You are probably wondering how, with everything going on, you’ll be able to keep your home neat and tidy. Fall is the perfect season for a reset. Let’s embrace this season of change to start fresh. Keep reading for resources designed to help you RESET your home and your routine with ease!

  • Embrace the Fall Reset Mentality

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of cleaning, remember: it’s okay to hit the reset button. Sometimes we need to let go of old habits, past ways of doing things, and clutter. This doesn’t mean embarking on an extreme overhaul overnight. It’s about taking gradual steps to simplify, refresh, and prepare for what’s ahead – let that be what works for you – next week or the end of the year.

  • Identify Your Cleaning Pain Points

Start by listing the areas or tasks that overwhelm you the most. Maybe it’s the constant laundry, the ever-growing pile of dishes, or that one cluttered corner everyone avoids. Identifying these will help you know where to begin. If this feels overwhelming, jot down three spots that you’d like to work on.

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  • Begin with a 10-Minute Task

Perfection isn’t the goal; progress is. Dedicate just 10 minutes each day to one cleaning task. This can be something on your overall list or a Daily or Weekly Task from the Clean Mama Routine. These small tasks add up over time and reduce the overall feeling of chaos.

  • Implement a Daily Routine

The key to a manageable cleaning routine is consistency. The Clean Mama Routine is perfect for any schedule but maybe you are trying to figure out where you can fit it all in or how to find time. Here’s a basic daily routine to get you started, adjust depending on if you’re home during the day or not:

  • Morning: Unload the dishwasher or empty the sink as you make your morning beverage. Make the beds and do a quick tidying up early – before you leave for work or before you get too far into the day. This sets a positive tone for the day.
  • Afternoon: Take 5-10 minutes to tackle one small task from your pain point list. If one of your pain points or trouble spots is your kitchen, break that area down into small, manageable 5-10 minute tasks.
  • Evening: Do a quick sweep of the main living areas, putting things back in their place – this is a good before dinner activity. Then after dinner, get the kitchen clean and ready for the next day.

  • Increase Productivity

A tidy environment is conducive to focus and efficiency. When there’s no clutter to distract you, it’s easier to concentrate on tasks, be it work or leisure. Knowing exactly where things are eliminates the constant search for misplaced items, saving precious time. If you feel like you’ve lost your motivation or time is slipping away and you don’t know what you’re spending your days on, a routine reset is so helpful!  This is my personal favorite aspect of the Jumpstart Your Routine Course and the first module – we dive into where we’re spending our time and energy and do a thorough investigation of how we can find time AND motivation!  The Jumpstart Your Routine Course is offiically OPEN and $20 off!  We’re going to do a LIVE course starting on September 15th!  The course is live ONCE a year – don’t miss this!

Use fall as your own reset – it’ll be just for your home. Let it be the quiet reset that you work on slowly over time that brings about changes that add up those small tasks that don’t look like much, but make a difference with persistence and patience. By setting up a cleaning routine now, you’ll not only create a more peaceful home environment but also free up time and energy to enjoy the special moments the end of the year brings. So here’s to a Fall Reset – a chance to start over, refresh, and face the coming months with a cozy and calm home.  Don’t miss the Jumpstart Your Routine Course – it’s life & home changing!