We cleaned out our garage a couple weekends ago and it was a fun family activity – surprisingly! I thought I’d share with you how we cleaned it out together, with the hope that you might want to tackle yours as well.
  • We started by clearing all the gear out of the garage first – bikes, toys, lawn tools, equipment, ladders, rugs, etc.
  • Kiddos took to riding their bikes and scooters on the sidewalk and decorating the driveway while my husband and I finished emptying the garage and tossing some toys and gear that weren’t going to make the cut this year (broken, parts missings, etc.).
  • Using the Shop-Vac, my husband vacuumed the entire garage floor to ceiling, getting all the winter dirt and cobwebs.
  • Then we put everything back, taking an inventory of some other little projects to complete.
One of those projects was to paint the garage steps with dark grey porch paint and to add non-slip grip to the steps. What a difference that made! The whole garage looks so clean and organized (well, as clean as a garage can look).
Anyone else making their way out of the house with their spring cleaning?