A couple years ago I took some time to minimize our decorations and last year I took it a step further and added some organizing products to help sort and store our decor. I thought you might like to see some of my favorites for organizing holiday decor and get an update on how they worked and see my favorites. If you’re looking for some new systems and organizing solutions for your holiday decor and want to snag a few products now so you’re ready when January hits, this post is for you!

First up, I grabbed these soft sided organizers for dishes and I cannot tell you how happy I am with this purchase. Not only did it help me clear bins of holiday dishes stored in boxes, it simplified the holiday dish situation. I’ve been collecting Spode Christmas Tree dinnerware for over 20 years and started with just wanting to do mugs and dessert plates, but last year I found a set of dinner plates on clearance after Christmas and completed the set. I have some serving pieces too – I love using this during December and Christmas Eve and Day.

If you have a good set of china in storage in boxes, this is a great way to get them out of boxes and into safe storage. The dish storage also comes with felt round to go in between each plate.

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A couple years ago I grabbed one of these boxes for each of us. They have two layers and hold a lot of ornaments. The kids each have their own ornament box – this keeps their ornaments separate and some day they’ll be able to take their box to their own homes.

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When I start undecorating I quickly go through the house and gather things up by type and put them on the kitchen and dining room tables. Then once I have everything taken down I take those items and put them in bins or boxes. Make it easy to find holiday decorations by sorting and storing like with like. Take it a step further by labeling the exterior of boxes and bins and by keeping your holiday decorations grouped together.

Sort like with like – soft items like stockings and the tree skirt go together in a bin. Garland and other greenery are stored together in another bin.

I use these white storage totes in the basement for holiday decor and storage of other items as well. They’re large, stack easily and keep the storage light and bright in the basement.

I put smaller ‘collections’ in 2 gallon zip top bags to keep the items together and easy to grab and decorate. Lights, smaller greens, and ornaments are great to keep sorted out this way.

Make sure you have a place for your decor and that it is easy to locate. This makes holiday decorating and undecorating easier and so much more enjoyable when you have less and can easily locate anything you’re looking for!

If there are decorations you haven’t put out for a while consider donating them instead of continuing to store them. It’s okay to not keep everything. Less is more when it comes to holiday decorations.

I use large divided storage bins for large items like village homes and snow globes. They keep these items together and eliminate the need for the large, bulky boxes that these items came in.

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I linked up all my favorites for organizing holiday decor in my Amazon shop – you can see them here along with my other Amazon favorites.