The right tools for cleaning tasks make all the difference! Scrub brushes are great tools and it’s helpful to have the right scrub brush for specific jobs. In this post you’ll find some of my favorite scrub and cleaning brushes and see the practical application of them and I’m also sharing how I keep them clean.


NIGHTLY SINK SCRUB BRUSH – I use this brush with my Nightly Sink Scrub Routine and only to scrub the sink.

DISH BRUSHThis brush has a removable, dishwasher-safe head – perfect for hand washing dishes. It has refills too.

CAST IRON BRUSH – If you have cast iron, you need a good scrub brush that will get it clean.

I keep all three of these brushes next to the sink in a vintage pitcher – this allows them to dry thoroughly in between uses and it looks cute next to my sink side tray.

DETAIL BRUSHES – I love using detail brushes for getting into nooks and crannies like refrigerator and freezer edges and seals as well as appliance crevices. They also work well on handles and faucets. I like this one from Full Circle and this set from OXO.

GARBAGE DISPOSAL BRUSH – If you have a garbage disposal, this brush is a must!  It gets under the black seal of the garbage disposal to it really clean.

I keep these not-used daily brushes under the under the kitchen sink in an upcycled pot.


TOILET BRUSH – I like this one from OXO because it is fairly discreet, is easy to clean and you can replace the brush head if needed. I have one in each bathroom. I keep it clean by putting it under the toilet seat after cleaning the toilet and spraying with hydrogen peroxide. You can see my complete natural cleaning method for toilets here.

GROUT BRUSH – If you have tile in your bathroom, a grout brush is a good idea. They have a narrower ‘footprint’ and concentrate on just the grouted area.

SCRUB BRUSH – A large surface scrub brush is great for large surfaces like tubs and showers. I use this with my Bathroom Scrub and/or Oxygen Whitener.


If I have a stubborn or set-in stain, I generally wet the fabric, sprinkle with Oxygen Whitener and give it a gentle scrub with a laundry brush. I use this one.


Generally speaking scrub brushes should be thoroughly rinsed out with hot water after each use and allowed to air dry. I like using a dish brush with a removable head that can go in the dishwasher daily or as needed. For bathroom brushes or brushes that need to be disinfected, spray thoroughly with hydrogen peroxide and allow to air dry completely.

You can see all my cleaning favorites here on this page – what’s your favorite scrub brush?

This is a snapshot from my Cleaning Closet – head to this post for sources.