Do you love clean sheets and crawling into a well-made bed but struggle to keep up with making your bed and changing your sheets? Try simplifying your bed-making process. I’ve found that with the right combination of bedding, making the beds and changing sheets is easy and even enjoyable.

A simple formula will take the decision making process out of making beds, it will keep bedding to minimum which means its easy to launder and make your beds PLUS you wont have extra bedding to store. Heres my simple formula for beds:

If you’re looking for a way to simplify your bed-making, you might want to consider trimming down your bedding. Less is more – all you need are 2-4 pillows, a fitted sheet (flat too, if you prefer), a washable duvet cover with insert or quilt, and a light blanket. Here are some of my favorites for well-made beds.

Typically I love a white sheet set and white duvet – it’s crisp and clean and limits my decision making for bedding. I do switch things up every now and then and have been enjoying the pictured linen stripe duvet set for summer – find what you love and go with it.

Two simple ways to make bed making easier? Put it on autopilot – make your beds daily (this is a Daily Task in the Clean Mama Routine) and wash your sheets weekly (this is a Weekly Task in the Clean Mama Routine). These simple habits add up and will make your bedroom look and feel clean and put together in minutes. My secret to clean bedding? The right products – you can find my favorite laundry products in the shop here – it’s all I use!

This month in Homekeeping Society we have been working on the Monthly Focus (part of the Clean Mama Routine) of Bedrooms. We’ve deep cleaned and decluttered our bedrooms and I also did a live workshop (saved in the Portal) in the group all about Bed Making Secrets & Tips. I’d love for you to join us!