I love an organized bathroom, don’t you? If you’re looking for some simple solutions and favorites, to keep a bathroom organized, I have some favorites for an organized bathroom for you!  These are my favorites and tried and true products – is there a spot in a bathroom where you could use a new product to organize?

1 White Handle Bins – Great for toiletry storage and tamale towels and cloths. Here’s a post where I shared my toiletry storage system and these bins.

2 Stackable Storage – Love these for containing small items like bandages, cotton swabs, makeup, etc.

3 Handle Storage Bins – Another handle storage bin, this one has some alternate sizes as well as clear and white. 

4 Clear Drawer Dividers – The perfect solution to keep bathroom drawers neat and tidy. I love th for makeup, contacts and glasses, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and hair products.

5 Bathroom Labels – These are cute and ready to use and organize your bathrooms cupboards and cabinets.

6 Lazy Susan Organizers – Love a turntable for accessible storage. Use it for bathroom cleaning supplies, hair products, under the bathroom sink or in a cupboard.

7 Tote Basket – I love these stainless steel handle baskets. I use it for keeping face cloths on the bathroom counter.

8 Handle Bins  – Another handled bin – my favorite – these have different sizes and white and clear options. These are great for cabinets that are a little longer and more awkward to figure out storage for.

9 Sink Side Tray – A simple tray to organize soap, makeup brushes, and lotions is a great solution to keep those items contained. When it’s time to clean the counter, just move the tray and clean under it and move it back.

The tray in the shop is currently out of stock but will be back soon – sign up for a notification as soon as it’s back in stock.

Do you have an organizing product that makes your bathroom work a little more smoothly? Share it in the comments!