Do you feel like your house is messy all the time? Perpetual piles, endless clutter, laundry, dishes, toys…..This messy feeling can lead to simple annoyances and it can also affect our mood, behavior and mental state in extreme cases. I’m here to tell you that your house doesn’t have to be messy. You can come up from under the overwhelming to dos and gain control of your home and surroundings.

If you’re new to Clean Mama, I have thousands of posts in the archives, free printables galore, and lots of resources ready to help you overcome that messy feeling. But first, I have three simple things you can do every day to propel yourself forward and set a routine in motion. So, instead of looking around and going down the search engine rabbit hole, simply start with these 3 things every single day.

  1. Make your bed.
    If you’re thinking – why make my bed, I’m gone all day or I don’t go back in the bedroom until the evening, who cares? Try making your bed for a week. Pull up the covers and fluff the pillows. You might be surprised how this simple 1-2 minute task can set the tone for the day.
  2. Do a load of laundry from start to put away.
    Doing a load of laundry is one of the things that I stress as a game-changer when it comes to homekeeping. If you’re easily overwhelmed with laundry like I am, staying on top of it with smaller, more manageable loads is essential to keeping the mess away. No piles in the corners, on furniture, in baskets getting wrinkled…..
  3. Deal with a pile of clutter every day.
    Clutter might seem never ending but with a daily habit, you’ll find that it is manageable and that you can turn that habit into small systems throughout your home which will lead you to less clutter and less mess. Deal with the mail, school papers, toys, piles, and any other little or large spot of clutter that you have in your home. Try putting a basket on your steps or in a convenient location to put clutter in during the day. At the end of the day bring those items to their proper location – kids can do this too!

These three things are part of my daily routine (I recommend 5 things to do every day and these are 3 of them). I would argue that completing these is the simplest way to start finding your way out of the mess. Once you have these three mastered, add the rest of the daily routine.

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