It’s that time of year when we feel like there’s a lot ‘to do’ and not a lot of time to do it. If you’re feeling frazzled and like you need a little structure and a place to write it all down, I have two free printable to To-Do Lists to help you get started!  Fire up your printer, grab your clipboard, your favorite pen or pencil and start jotting those things down now and you’ll feel like you’re ready to take on what’s next.

I love this To-Do List – it’s simple and great for those days when you need to get a lot done. You can use it to write down the date you’re hoping to get everything done OR you can just use it as the date you started the list. Jot down your tasks and check them off as you go.

There are times when we need to just simplify and prioritize those most important things and let the rest go. The Prioritizing To-Do List is perfect for jotting down those Musts, Maybes, and Not Priority items. Use it for the season ahead or as a framework for setting boundaries and moving forward.

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I also have a whole section in the shop with printable kits designed to make your life easier. They’ve all been updated with the new color scheme AND they are all fillable so you can type in your own info or fill it out by hand. You can find them here in the shop.