Like it or not, we all have a cleaning routine. It can range from….the cleaning lady comes on Fridays, I clean when I feel like, I clean when someone comes to visit, I have a schedule and loosely use it, and I have a schedule and I stick to it no matter what.

I developed a simple system for my cleaning routine and use it exclusively for keeping my home in order. I use and enjoy using  my Cleaning Kit, and monthly cleaning schedules, but no matter what, my family and life comes first. Most days, everything gets covered and is cleaned up and laundry is done for the day. Some days it’s all about catching up and other days, it’s take-out pizza and realizing that it doesn’t matter if the carpet is vacuumed or the floors are washed.
Life…Your Way
If you haven’t developed a cleaning routine that works for you, I urge you to continue reading over at Life…Your Way, where I’m guest posting today about Finding a Cleaning Routine that Works for You. I am giving away a great printable/tool to help you find your own cleaning routine. You can find it here and over at Life…Your Way.