A Fall Calendar is one of my most requested freebies and I get it – it’s nice to see more than one month on a page for planning. I’m excited to share this calendar with you! A little proactive planning is a great way to intentionally start off the last 3 months of the year.

We’ve been working on getting the fall schedule figured out at our house and since I know that I’m not only one trying to figure out the kids’ schedules and holiday plans, I thought I’d share a simple way to see the next three months at a glance.

Here’s what I do:

I print out two – one to determine what’s enough and what’s too much – like a pre-planning calendar. Once I have that under control, I use the second one for keeping track for schedules and activities for the fall. I find that laying it out at a glance is the best way to see what’s going to work and what won’t work for the season.

You’ll see that there’s a little room on the top, bottom, and margin of the sheet if you’d like to make a little key and color code the activities/kids. I hope this is a helpful and useful tool as you lay out the summer and make the most of the next three months!

Grab the Fall 2022 calendar here – happy fall planning!

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