Want to know the number one question I receive from readers? I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat….The most popular question that’s asked daily and frequently? Interestingly enough it isn’t ‘is your house really clean’, or ‘what do you really look like’, it’s:

How do you rotate chores?

This is understandable, I give out a cleaning checklist for the month on the blog and talk about cleaning routines and cleaning all.the.time. So…starting now (today), we’re/I’m going to be talking about seasonal and rotating chores a little more often on the blog. What does that mean? Probably more free checklists and a little chit chat about how I fit big and seemingly impossible cleaning tasks into a busy life (I really do and it’s not that big of a deal).

So I thought you might like a little fall cleaning checklist to start the season out right – and hey, it isn’t even fall yet, you’ll be way ahead of the game!

Free Fall Cleaning Checklist via Clean Mama

Grab the FREE Fall Cleaning Checklist here in my shop or if you’d prefer here in Googledocs.

So now that you can see the checklist, let me explain it a little bit. I’ve broken it out into 3 main categories because not everyone will want or need to complete every item on this list and that’s okay.


These items are cleaning tasks that I rotate through 4 times a year or seasonally. Hence the fall cleaning checklist. Some of these items (dust, vacuum) are on my weekly cleaning checklist, so I do those on that day of the week, but I do a more thorough job. For instance, instead of just vacuuming the family room I move the furniture and vacuum under the couch. I dust all surfaces, but I also dust the corners and corners at the ceiling. If this is the only portion of the checklist that you complete, you have still done a great job. These 9 basics will make a big difference in your home!

Deep Cleaning Extras + Bonus Points

If you’ve never done a deep or thorough cleaning and you have extra time on your hands, you’ll want to check these items off your list. If you just washed your windows last month, you probably won’t need to wash them (you can still put a check mark on your list), check your home and see if any of these tasks should be completed.

Traditional Fall Cleaning Tasks to Add If You’d Like

Fall and spring cleaning goes back generations, these tasks are ones that are generally associated with fall cleaning. If you’d like to complete them and it makes sense for you it will be time well spent. If you don’t have time and have never completed them, no need to feel bad – they are just suggestions. For what it’s worth, I won’t be cleaning any gutters this fall (nor have I ever cleaned them).

So, are you going to do a little fall cleaning this year? Excited to have a little more in-depth cleaning routine discussion here on Clean Mama? I am. Be on the look out for more discussion on implementing a rotating cleaning schedule in the coming month.

How to Make a Cleaning Planner via Clean Mama

This is great in a cleaning planner – see how I made mine here!

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