I’m always amazed by how little time a dreaded task actually takes if I just tackle it. If you have ever felt so overwhelmed that you can’t start, this is the list for you. Next time you’re dreading a task, time yourself, I bet you can get it done in a fraction of the time you’re thinking it will take. This is the whole basis of my cleaning routine – new here? Grab this free printable and head to my Start Here page.

This list of 5 minute fixes is just the thing to give you ideas of quick things that you CAN accomplish in minutes. It’s organized it by room/area so you can work through a room or just choose one task – use it any way that works for you! I even included a place for you to jot down your own 5 minute fixes. Think of those little nagging to-dos, add them to the list and the next time you have a couple minutes, get them done.

Print the 5 Minute Fixes list, put it in your homekeeping binder, tape it on the fridge, put it in your planner….use it to when you have a couple spare minutes to do a little cleaning and tidying up. I bet you’ll be surprised at how much you can get done in under 5 minutes!

Head to the FREE PRINTABLES page, enter your email address (you’ll only need to enter it ONE TIME for lifetime access), and grab this printable.  Happy QUICK cleaning!

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