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Money is a subject that no one really wants to talk about, but everyone deals with in some way. Today I’m sharing a free printable for a Bill + Payment Organizer that I hope will encourage you if you’re feeling like you need to see those bills on paper too. This is  how I always start when I’m putting together my bill and payment checklist for the new year. Usually I just jot everything down on a piece of notebook paper but this year I decided to put it down on paper and add it to the budget section of my homekeeping binder. I’ll be able to use it as a reference down the road and it’s much cuter than scratching some thoughts down on paper.

If you’re wondering why I’m not using an app or the computer or some fancy tracking software, ask I will just say that I’ve tried that and I use software for numbers that go to the CPA, but for daily/weekly/monthly money tracking, THIS is the only way that works for me and my husband. Here’s why:

  • I keep track of any debt, bills that are paid, savings progress, etc. on paper and it’s so great to be able to just grab my notebook and produce the information.
  • All the information is in front of me – I am tracking the things that are important to us (like debt reduction, loans, etc.) and we can both see it at a glance.
  • No trying to see those itty bitty numbers on a phone or computer.
  • We love to see progress.
  • I love paper and would rather have those things easily accessible in case something were to happen to the computer or technology we’re using.

What programs do I use?

  • I use Outright/GoDaddy Bookkeeping for all business information, tracking, and what goes to the CPA.
  • We pay bills online through our bank, so I can see there that a payment was made and cleared, but I can also see it on my paper checklist.

So here’s how I use this Bill + Payment Organizer:

  1. Write down ALL outgoing bills and payments in the top section – this is like a brainstorming session for your finances.
  2. Next to the bill, write a number for the date that the bill is typically due.
  3. Write down your bills and payments in day order in the second section.
  4. Write the date that it’s due in the ‘due’ box.
  5. Check off what category it belongs to.

Free Printable Bill + Payment Organizer via Clean Mama

Now you have all your bills and their due dates in one place for easy reference! Once you’ve completed that you can put it in a binder, on a clipboard near your bill paying area, or put it on a file folder and put your monthly bills in that folder. I take it a little further and transfer that information into my bill and payment checklist (pictured above with the free bill and payment organizer) in my Everyday Budget + Bill Paying Kit. I also track debt and use a handful of other pages to make dealing with money a little easier and definitely cuter! You can see my budget kits below (the link is under each image) and if you have your own business, my Everyday Work @ Home Kit is great for small business owners to track all that important info too!

Organize Your Finances with this FREE printable Bill + Payment Organizer via Clean Mama

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