I’ve had so many requests for a fall calendar like the summer calendar so…. here it is!  The Fall Calendar for 2019!

Use it fo plan out activities, family events, holiday preparations, whatever makes sense for your home. Put it on the fridge, on a clipboard, in your Homekeeping Binder or resize it for your planner.  I hope it makes this sometimes hectic and frazzled time of the year a little more calm knowing you can see the next three months at a glance.

Here’s what I do:

I print out two – one to determine what’s enough and what’s too much – like a pre-planning calendar. Once I have that under control, I use the second one for keeping track for schedules for the fall. It’s great for kids activities – sporting events, church events, open houses, concerts, performances, and school events. long. I find that laying it out at a glance is the best way to simplify the next three months. It also gives me a second to determine if there’s anything we need to not do.

You’ll see that there’s a little room on the top, bottom, and margin of the sheet if you’d like to make a little key and color code the activities/kids. I hope this is a helpful and useful tool as you lay out the summer and make the most of the next three glorious summer months!

Grab the fall 2019 calendar here – Happy Fall!

Just a note on the free printables page – you need to put in your email address ONE TIME. Once you put in your email address I will send you the free printable page password. Keep that password handy – you’ll be able to access the printables any time with that password. You’ll put the password in the bottom box – don’t enter your email address again!

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Check out the new printables collection in Clean Mama Home – oodles of printables to get your family and home organized and off to a great start this fall!