If you’re new here or if you’ve been around for awhile, I hope you know that the Clean Mama Routine is a simple way to keep your home clean with minutes a day. Instead of having to decide what to clean and when to clean it, you simply follow the routine and work through the system. It’s easy to follow and will help you and your family proactively keep your home clean (really!). Head to my Start Here page for more info on the Clean Mama Routine.

Part of the Clean Mama Routine is the Monthly Focus – the Monthly Focus is an area of the home that we concentrate on for the month. We declutter and organize the Monthly Focus area in our home that needs it and follow the simple guide provided in the Homekeeping Society subscription and the Homekeeping Planner and work as we’re able to during each month. The Monthly Focus for December is Office/Paperwork.

I added this free printable for you to help you as you go through paperwork and sort it at the end of the year (or anytime).  Print the How Long to Keep it For Guidelines printable, put it on a clipboard, in your Homekeeping Binder, tape it on the fridge, put it in your planner….use it to help you focus when you need to quickly sort through some paper clutter.Head to the FREE PRINTABLES page, enter your email address (you’ll only need to enter it ONE TIME for lifetime access), and grab this printable. Happy paper sorting!

This free checklist gives you the framework for sorting through paperwork in a hurry. Make sure you take your own personal situation into consideration while you’re sorting and sifting through papers.

If you like my free printables, you’ll LOVE my printable collection – find them here in the Clean Mama Shop!