We aren’t moving but if we were, this is the list and method I use to organize a move. Moving is stressful, overwhelming and can feel like it will never end but it will and doing things in an organized way now will pay off in the days leading up to your move and once you move into your new home.

I’ve had so many requests for a printable for moving recently, so I know that moving is happening for many of you. I hope that this two-page mini organizer is helpful for your new adventure.


Keep this list on a clipboard or tuck it in your planner or make a moving binder to keep your thoughts and to-dos in order. If I were moving, I’d keep it close to my Homekeeping Planner.  🙂

I also have a House for Sale free printable checklist available on the free printables page if you are needing help getting your home ready to sell and ready for showings.

If you already have the Free Printables password, go grab the list! If you don’t have the password yet, head to the FREE PRINTABLES page, enter your email address (you’ll only need to enter it ONE TIME for lifetime access), the password is sent to your email address and grab this printable.  Happy List Making!

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