The last two years I’ve shared a free summer calendar and it’s been so popular that I had to share another one for you this summer! I have a couple fun summer survival type posts planned for you in the next couple weeks – chore charts, activities, etc. but this is a great way to intentionally start off the summer.

We’ve been working on getting the summer schedule figured out at our house and since I know that I’m not only one trying to figure out the kids’ schedules, I thought I’d share a simple way to see everyone’s classes and activities at a glance. I print out two – one to determine what’s enough and what’s too much – like a pre-planning calendar. Once I have that under control, I use the second one for keeping track for schedules all summer long. I find that laying it out at a glance is the best way to see what’s going to work and what won’t work for the summer.


I left a little room on the top, bottom, and margin of the sheet if you’d like to make a little key and color code the activities/kids. I hope this is a helpful and useful tool as you lay out the summer and make the most of the next three glorious summer months!

Go here to download the free Summer 2017 Calendar printable

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