Winter is here and so is my Winter Cleaning Checklist! I like to break chores and tasks down into musts and maybes – that’s how I approach seasonal cleaning. I might not get to everything on the list but at least I’ve gotten a couple musts out of the way first. If you’re looking to do a little deep cleaning before Christmas, you’ll love these suggestions or print it out and save it for January when things slow down.

Here’s a little explanation of my winter cleaning checklist:


These items are cleaning tasks that I rotate through 4 times a year or seasonally. Hence the winter cleaning checklist. Some of these items (dust, vacuum) are on my weekly cleaning checklist, so I do those on that day of the week, but I do a more thorough job. For instance, instead of just vacuuming the family room I move the furniture and vacuum under the couch. I dust all surfaces, but I also dust the corners and corners at the ceiling. If this is the only portion of the checklist that you complete, you have still done a great job. These 9 basics will make a big difference in your home!


If you’ve never done a deep or thorough cleaning and you have extra time on your hands, you’ll want to check these items off your list. If you just washed your windows last month, you probably won’t need to wash them, check your home and see if any of these tasks should be completed.


Seasonal cleaning goes back generations, these tasks are ones that are generally associated with winter cleaning. If you’d like to complete them and it makes sense for you it will be time well spent. If you don’t have time and have never completed them, no need to feel bad – they are just suggestions.

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If you’re looking for an easy way to follow the Clean Mama Routine and keep your home clean all year long, I share seasonal cleaning checklists in the Homekeeping Planner and the Quarterly Daily Planners.