I use my freezer extensively for food storage and cooking ahead. To keep track of what we have on hand, I need some sort of record to quick glance at instead of standing with the freezer door open. This system helps tremendously before running to the store – I can quick glance at it and add any necessary items to my shopping list (Need a custom and personalized shopping list? Check them out in my Clean Mama Printables Etsy shop – I love having all my sections ready for me – it definitely simplifies my list making and shopping experience.)
I found an old white board that my husband had in college, cleaned it up and bought a new set of dry erase markers. (Yes, this would be cuter with molding and paint, but it’s a garage.)
I divided the white board into sections of my freezer and took inventory of what’s in my freezer.
I hung the white board next to the freezer for a quick glance at what’s actually in the freezer.
An easy, simple tool to keep the freezer organized and to help with shopping. What’s your favorite freezer storage tip?