I’m so excited to introduce you to a new product in my shop that I’ve been working on just for you! The ‘Fresh Start Kit’ is a simple and truly practical way to implement or improve upon a homekeeping routine designed with you in mind. Whether you have no idea where to begin or you are a self-designated “clean freak”, this kit is designed to make the most of your time by implementing a routine that works for you. And it’s cute so it’ll look great in your home!
The Kit includes simple organizational techniques designed to take the planning out of your routine so you can enjoy the things that really matter.
Why will this work for you?  You plan your homekeeping – the three page implementation guide takes you through a simple, step-by-step process that factors in your schedule and what you can complete and when you can complete it. It’s up to you to implement it into your home.
This is for anyone – it can fit into a homekeeping binder, but if you aren’t a binder person, put it someplace where you’ll see it and use it – on a clipboard, a bulletin board, on your refrigerator….
Get ready to start a system that will simplify and change how you manage your home.
The Fresh Start Kit includes 7 documents:
3 Page Implementation Guide – everything you need to use the kit and find out a system that works perfectly for YOU
2 – Week at a Glance printable documents – one blank + one pre-filled with suggestions that you can use as your weekly planner
Rotating Cleaning Schedule – follow these monthly tasks and keep us with those homekeeping tasks – attractive one-page document
Weekly Menu Planner and Shopping List – plan your weekly menu and shopping trip on one attractive printable
The Fresh Start Kit can be found here in my shop – it’s introductory priced through this week!